We took everything you love about denim and fused it with everything you love about LuLaRoe. Introducing the Chambray Collection; an assortment of chic styles adorned with the denim look, the chambray feel, and a vibe all their own. You want it. We’ve got it. All that’s left is to get the Chambray Collection today.

The details: Our woven Chambray is a poly rayon blend and is relatively lightweight. This plain weave fabric has been woven with a dye warp thread and a white weft, which alternates over and under the warp thread. While it may look like denim, Chambray is lighter and woven differently. It has a softer texture than denim and is thinner in construction. It can be any color, but you most often see it in an Indigo wash. Chambray is the perfect fabric that can be worn all year long.


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